• Boards done

    Benchoff07/22/2016 at 01:47 0 comments

    There are a lot of 0402 components on here, but the board is done. It doesn't look pretty, but I'm getting 5V and 12V off a 24V supply. It's done, and I'm not building another.

  • TI's Website is a pretty cool guy

    Benchoff07/07/2016 at 17:48 0 comments

    his project takes 24VDC in, and outputs 12V for LEDs, and 5V for a Raspberry Pi. TI has a neat tool where you can enter the requirements for a power supply, and it spits out a proper circuit. Here's what it did for me:

    That's an LM25011 for the 12V supplying 2A, and an LMR14050 for 5V supplying 2A.

    Dead simple, all you have to do is lay it out on a board.

    This board also has six outputs for two RGB LED strips on the PWM outputs of the Pi. These outputs use a NTD4906N power MOSFET:

    What does the board look like?

    No it's not perfect, but it will work, and I like putting instructions and unicorns on the silkscreen.