Entry 1 - Project Roadmap

A project log for Portable Ecological Laboratory Suite (PELS)

PELS is a handheld system that can be carried by citizen scientists to gather environmental data.

Natty BumppoNatty Bumppo 07/07/2016 at 23:460 Comments

So here are the general elements of the project:

1. Sensors - This includes selecting sensors as well as the drivers for managing and communicating with the sensors.

2. Software - The software management will be put together in a simple and modular way to interact with the sensors and to identify general shortcomings.

3. CAD - This is an ongoing process for the physical parts of different elements of the system.

4. Database (future) - If people are into this project, there will be an opportunity to set up a database for collecting and displaying user acquired data.


1. General design - I need to decide what sensors I want to include in the first iteration. This is a pen and paper approach. I'll select basic components and sketch general outlines.

2. Order parts - I'll order the basic parts needed to prototype and test after design.

3. Software - Create software interface for the different elements for testing and development.

3. First prototype - Cram everything into an off the shelf case and see how it feels to use

4. CAD - Start refining the 3D models of the system for 3D printing/purchasing/assembly.

5. Order/assemble parts - Finalize and order parts then test fits and functionality

6. Refine! - Improve issues, add new features, etc. etc.