System design

A project log for Portable Ecological Laboratory Suite (PELS)

PELS is a handheld system that can be carried by citizen scientists to gather environmental data.

natty-bumppoNatty Bumppo 07/11/2016 at 06:250 Comments

In order to modularize the system, I've decided to format everything in a customizable way. The software will be sectioned into modules that are essentially actions users can take using the PELS device. Primarily, modules will be interfaces for collecting data using the different on board sensors.

The directory format will probably look like the following:

-> PELS Project

->Primary App (primary execution point for the system)

->Interface Handler (can be usd by modules to pull from multiple data locations)


->module 1, module 2, etc...


->i2c interface, usb interface, UART interface

->Database (a sqlite database to locally hold data)

->Images (directory for collected images using cameras)

This allows users to create their own modules for sensors as well as to create interfaces for existing sensors without too much overhead work.