Entry 4 - Repository and Languages/Libraries

A project log for Portable Ecological Laboratory Suite (PELS)

PELS is a handheld system that can be carried by citizen scientists to gather environmental data.

natty-bumppoNatty Bumppo 07/11/2016 at 06:310 Comments

The repository can be found here:

Here are the software design decisions:

- The software will be written in python 2.x using pep8 conventions

- Documentation will follow the numpydocs format

- The UI will be written using the Kivy library for python

- Numerical data will be stored in a sqlite database locally

- The program will use the sqlite3 library for interfacing with the database

- Image/Video data will be stored in a separate folder for images.

- There will still be database entries for the data, however they will only link to the path and the images themselves will not be stored in the database.

Here are the hardware design decisions:

- The system will use a raspberry pi as the computer

- There will be a TFT touchscreen LCD (size TBD)

- There will be an on board battery that can supply power for >4 hours

- The device shall be weatherproof (can't be submerged, but can get splashed and be OK)

- There will be a camera on the back (I will be developing with NOIR, but this could be anything in theory).

- There will be a microscope attachment