AHAB GPS Tracker

Open Source Iridium GPS tracking device (Citizen Science)

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A GPS tracker made as a citizen science project. Most Iridium GPS trackers are proprietary and expensive. We aim to create a cheap, open-source tracker that is small and adaptable to many purposes. It's powered by an Atmel AVR XMega microcontroller. Chosen due to it's number of serial ports. It allows us to have serial ports for GPS, satellite (Iridium), debug/command interface and other radios (such as GSM and XBee).

The Xmega series are relatively unpopular chips compared to the Mega series (Arduino), so development has been slow due to limited resources for learning how to use it.

The whole project has been developed (mostly) using open-source tools (Linux, Eclipse-AVR, KiCad, git, etc) So anyone can theoretically pick it up and expand upon it without any cost involved or requirement of proprietary software or operating system.

The project started as an employee from CSIRO approached the local Hobart Hackerspace, looking for help with some projects.

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