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LED bling for Burning Man 2015

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Trinket Pro running a FastLED based sketch showing the excellent Demo Reel that comes with the library. We didn’t have much time, and literally threw this together the night before we left on the long haul to the desert.

We powered these with 6v lantern batteries through a small voltage regulator to take them down to 5v. We could probably have done without the regulator, especially as two of them melted down during the week.

This seems to be the only video we could find. It's of the bike with the overlapping scales, rather than the smooth tubes we did on the other bikes.

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  • Before the Translum

    Jasmine Brackett07/09/2016 at 01:18 0 comments

    This is what the bike looks like before the translum is added.

    You can see the blue 3D printed case Ben made for the trinket and the crocodile clips ready for the 6volt battery which will be cable tied to bike rack.

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