CAD Model - a START

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a cheap enough open source robotic platform to test out the many algorithms and invent new ones for mobile robotics. Musafir = Traveller

ZaidPirwaniZaidPirwani 07/09/2016 at 10:010 Comments

So, I had recently met with a student at PAF KIET who is currently in his 3rd semester of BE, interesting in doing some CAD work to practice. So, I had him sit with me and work on a model in SolidWorks - that is what is taught at the university.

I also introduced him to GIT and told him to commit his work as often as possible, but looks like he has not committed the latest edits, but here is the repo and the current repo variant is something of a basic base design, without the wheels or anything.

used to generate some snaps, as I myself dont have SolidWorks installed on my laptop.

The repo Gighub link is: