Wheels and Wheeeeeeels

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a cheap enough open source robotic platform to test out the many algorithms and invent new ones for mobile robotics. Musafir = Traveller

ZaidPirwaniZaidPirwani 07/11/2016 at 19:460 Comments

After selecting motors, getting the motor drivers made, sensor PCbs and other stuff, came the task of getting or making the wheels, this has been one of the hardest thigns to do while making a robot as in Karachi - you cant just go to the radioshack (there isnt one) and buy wheels of the requried diameter/shaft measure etc. Nor is importing/buying form the online stores feasible.

Luckily, I found this: the

Highly Configurable Wheel (One Wheel To Rule Them All)

Explanation Link:

This introduced me to the world of OpenSCAD and cause I recently had setup my 3D printer (have a prusai3 and a Solidoodle 4), it took no time, actually about an hour to get the first wheel printed.

Bought o-rings from the local market and the wheels are ready - I also tried these wheels on a smaller LFR robot.

the small Line Follower Robot (without the sensors, but 3d printed wheels)