Borked an XBee

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JeremyJeremy 06/06/2014 at 16:390 Comments

Last night while soldering the duck antenna connectors (RP-SMA) to the xbees I somehow bricked one. It can can communicate with my computer over USB but doesn't seem to transmit and/or receive over wireless anymore. I checked my soldering and I don't see anything where it shouldn't be. The entire xbee got quite hot while soldering, so I'm guessing that might have done it.

Since I only have two xbees it's hard to diagnose which one is broken and how bad it's borked. So I just ordered a couple more with the RP-SMA connectors already mounted.

When the new xbees come in I'll do some range testing to see if I'll need to mount repeater at Burning Man.