NodeJS Dashboard v1.1

Fire up/Manage NodeJS Apps Fast - NodeJS Toolkit v1.1

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Hey there!
How many times do you open a terminal/command prompt while running nodejs apps?

- I had some C# knowledge that we need to solve the issue, problem people have.
So i decide to build this tool to get started faster and solve everyday life as a coder!

Here is my alternative/ solution

1. Click the "Server File" button and locate you App file (index.js)
2. Click "Start Server"
3. Whoozaa!

- Program written in C# - Windows
- mongoDB - mongod.exe instance integrated(in > Tools)

- NPM Installer integation - hmm in v2.o ?!?
(you find that on my GitHub as a separate desktop app)


Why did i do this?
- Many of my classmates had some difficulties starting NodeJS projects/Apps through the terminal/command prompt and installing NPM modules simple and easy...

portable file v1.1

x-zip-compressed - 80.32 kB - 07/10/2016 at 01:20


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