smart clock talking

Tools and Materials Required
Arduino Uno + Protoshield
Module RTC
Tactile Switch (tombol)
DFPlayer mode
Cable jumper

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Okay in this article I will discuss about how we can create a digital clock that time information in infokan by way of time.

So as if the clock that we will make this can talk.

This article I created after the project turn on the motor with my fingerprint is complete. Since the project was done and working properly, I finally proceeded to make the digital clock device speak according to my promise before it.

For the timing system I will create a 12 hour format which means that when the time is 20:00 it w

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smith76432 wrote 06/22/2023 at 04:53 point

A smart clock, also known as a smart alarm clock or intelligent clock, is a digital device that combines traditional clock features with additional smart capabilities. It goes beyond the basic function of telling time and includes features such as internet connectivity, integration with other smart devices, and various additional Get guide functionalities.

Here are some common features and capabilities you might find in a smart clock:

Time and alarm functions: A smart clock displays the current time and allows you to set alarms and timers just like a traditional clock. However, it often provides more customization options, such as setting different alarm tones or adjusting alarm volume.

Internet connectivity: Smart clocks can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allowing them to synchronize time automatically, access online services, and receive updates.

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