Airowl : DIY Air-Quality Monitoring & Sharing

Airowl is an open source DIY Air Quality Monitoring Kit which keeps you updated about Air Quality and lets you share the data with the world

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AirOwl is a DIY (Do-it-Yourself) kit which helps you to build your own personal Air Quality Monitoring device. The AirOwl gives real-time air quality data on the “Air Quality India” mobile-app. The Owl changes the color of its glowing eyes as per the quality of the air.
AirOwl is a joint initiative of Oizom Instruments & India Open Data Association (IODA). The DIY kit is developed using open source hardware available in the market like Arduino Neno, ESP1 WiFi module, Generic GSM Module, Dust Sensor etc. The PCB design, Enclosure Laser-cutting patterns & Arduino codes are open source assets available on our Github to enable everyone make their own AirOwl.
The DIY kit is designed for people of all age groups. All the information about AirOwl development is available on Open-Wiki.
The AirOwl is conceptualized for making air-quality data available for millions of people through a community effort on an open-source platform

AirOwl Github :

AirOwl Details Wiki :

AirOwl Web App :

AirOwl Mobile App :

  • 1 × ARDUINO NANO A versatile, embedded micro-controller board based upon the popular Arduino format. It can be used on breadboards and can be powered via a Mini-B USB connection, a 6-20V unregulated external power supply, or 5V regulated external power supply. It has 16KB of programmable memory and 14 GPIO pins.
  • 1 × DUST SENSOR The dust sensor provides a good indication of the air quality by measuring the dust concentration. This dust sensor is versatile, accurate and compact in size. Using laser scattering theory, the dust particles present in air are detected, with good selectivity and stability.
  • 1 × GSM MODULE An ultra-compact and reliable wireless module, the SIM900A is a complete dual-band GSM/GPRS solution in a SMT module. It can be easily embedded in the customer applications. It accepts commands from Arduino Nano through UART. It has an external antenna as well.
  • 1 × ENCLOSURE The design of the casing is simple yet beautiful. AirOwl can become a part of your prized antiques or gadgets that you have in your house as it is very attractive.
  • 1 × ELECTRONIC SHIELD PCB A custom designed electronic PCB to mount all the components to interconnect with GPIOs

  • 1
    Step 1

    Assembling your Airowl

    Step 1: Getting started.

    With the Airowl’s front face acrylic kept upside down place the Airowl PCB over it such that the spacers coincide with the respective holes on the Airowl PCB.

  • 2
    Step 2

    Step 2: Connecting Winsen Laser Dust Module to the Airowl Board.

    This step involves the connection of Winsen Laser Dust module to the Airowl PCB. The connector included in the kit is to be used for the purpose. Firstly an end of the connector is carefully inserted into the highlighted port of Dust module. Next, the other end is inserted at the back side of PCB towards the bottom.

  • 3
    Step 3

    Step 3: Placing Arduino Nano on Airowl Board.

    Arduino Nano is mounted on the PCB.

    NOTE: The correct orientation of the Arduino Nano is such that its USB port should point towards the right side of the Airowl PCB when seen from the top.

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