First spin achievement unlocked, PCB assembly in progress

A project log for Vendotron

A vending machine that allows purchases of items via mobile phone or bitcoin

mike-machadoMike Machado 07/31/2016 at 03:010 Comments

Today I finished the frame for holding the carousel, mounted the bearings, put the carousel into the frame and connected up the pulleys and belt to the stepper motor. I wired a simple circuit on the breadboard to do some test spins of the carousel and it went well!

The first spins revealed the belt was not quite tensioned enough, so I drilled out the stepper mounting slots a bit more so I could slide the stepper back just a bit to tension the belt.

I also received the PCB back from OSHPark, and later this week will be assembling the electronics. I also created an electronics enclosure to house the board so that it can easily be mounted on the underside of the frame base board.

All the files for the electronics and enclosure are available in the Github Repo.

Here is a video of the first spin action and some pictures!