A project log for Vendotron

A vending machine that allows purchases of items via mobile phone or bitcoin

mike-machadoMike Machado 10/10/2016 at 07:000 Comments

After months of design, redesign, coding, laser cutting, waiting for parts to be delivered (many times over), its always feels great when your creation starts to take real shape and you can feel the original vision coming alive!

Vendotron is finally closing in on the finish line. The front panel is mounted, door locks in place, and one door/servo is in place for testing.

Of course there is a fair amount if tuning to go though. The door hinges are not as tight as I was expecting, so the doors droop a bit and snag on the sides, the carousel rubs against the front acrylic in a few places, etc, but overall I am very happy with the progress and how its turning out!