Chicken Coop Automation

Using the Arduino Uno, a DC motor controller, a DC motor power supplies, and sensors, I have made my chicken coop automated.

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Parts used:
1 Arduino Uno
1 DC Motor Controller
1 photocell (light detection)
1 temperature sensor
1 high torque DC motor
1 pulley
3 mini micro limit switches
1 12V motor controller power supply (Xbox 360 PSU works nicely)
1 10V Arduino power supply

I have included a link to Dropbox where I have my code for the Arduino board.
I will be updating this code, as there are one or two things I need to adjust. You will want to adjust for your specific needs, such as light values and temperature values.


Code for the arduino uno board.

ino - 3.79 kB - 07/11/2016 at 19:15


  • 1 × Arduino Uno Main Logic Board
  • 1 × DROK® L298N Motor Drive Controller Board Controller the 12V DC Motor
  • 1 × 12V High Torque DC Motor Bought a high speed motor from a hobby store and added a gear system from amazon to make it low speed, high torque.
  • 1 × Photocell Used to detect how much ambient light there is, to determine what time of day.
  • 1 × Temperature Sensor - Waterproof (DS18B20) From, Used to determine whether it is too cold for the chickens to go outside

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