Quantity   Component name
1 × Arduino Uno Main Logic Board
1 × DROK® L298N Motor Drive Controller Board Controller the 12V DC Motor
1 × 12V High Torque DC Motor Bought a high speed motor from a hobby store and added a gear system from amazon to make it low speed, high torque.
1 × Photocell Used to detect how much ambient light there is, to determine what time of day.
1 × Temperature Sensor - Waterproof (DS18B20) From Sparkfun.com, Used to determine whether it is too cold for the chickens to go outside
1 × 3 Inch Pulley From Grainger.com
1 × Brass Spacer for Motor and Pulley From Grainger.com
3 × Mini Micro Limit Switch Amazon.com, Used to determine the position of the door
1 × DROK® 3 Pcs 40-pin Breadboard Jumper Wires Kit Amazon.com
5 × E-Projects 25EP5144K70 4.7k Ohm Resistors Used for the temperature sensor, photocell, and 3 mini limit switches
1 × 1 Stainless Steel Box Used to store the boards in.
2 × Misc wire From RadioShack, used to connect the micro switches and motor to the arduino and motor controller
1 × Rope Strong enough to lift the 12 pound door
1 × 12v Power Supply Used to power the motor/motor controller. I used an xbox 360 PSU
1 × Power supply for arduino