Workflow-Based Platform for Home Automation

The platform allows a home automation system to be programmable by customizing events and triggers.

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This project is a thesis by Chris Amanse and Chris Bermejo from Ateneo de Manila University. We created our own home automation system to demonstrate the programmability of the platform. We created a graphical user interface to help users program their own system. We used Node.js and MongoDB for the Main Hub and Sensor Blocks, and used scripting for the Smart Plugs. The hardware components communicate via a local area network. The network can be accessed remotely if the local router is configured correctly.

Code is available in GitLab.

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  • 2 × Raspberry Pi 2 Model B 1 for Main Hub and 1 for each Sensor Block
  • 1 × Arduino 1 for each Sensor Block
  • 1 × KanKun SmartPlug 1 for each Smart Plug
  • 1 × Sensors Any sensor that can be read by an Arduino
  • 1 × Router

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    Instructions are found in the manuscript word document.

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