Second Revision

A project log for Theia IoT light-switch

An easy, cheap and open source way to add IoT to a light switch.

loldavid6loldavid6 09/01/2016 at 15:521 Comment

Thanks to some helpful advice from [Krunal], I have decided to use a third party board to handle the supply of power, I will also be skipping straight to this prototype, which will be mostly the same save for this change to it PSU. It will be aptly marked as 0.2, but I am leaving the decision of its name up to you, Just comment what you think it should be named and I will peruse the comments and pick the most fitting title for this revision.

In case any of you are interested I am intending on using this power supply:

It can be found here. It's the 5V 1A one. More updates soon!


Bob Hannent wrote 09/25/2016 at 08:56 point

you might want to be careful about having too much current draw. Most light switches only have a two core and earth connection which means you need to supply the circuits by leakage current to the lamp fixture rather than with a dedicated supply. With modern LED bulbs you might be at risk of leaking enough power that you turn a bulb in your fixture on permanently

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