Designed the good new-fashioned way, with calipers, a notepad, and a whole mess of eye reckoning, this microphone mount was designed to let me put better audio on my new Samsung NX300 using a SM-57 and my Tascam DR-40 portable recorder.

Printed in two pieces and held together with a bolt/thumbscrew and washer, this holder fits nice and snug in your camera's hot shoe.

It's designed to fit my Shure SM-57, but most handheld microphones should fit just as well.

Print out both pieces as they are already oriented for maximum strength. They should fit snugly together. Bolt them together using washers on both sides to make sure the compression force is spread out and doesn't break the parts. Serve with a light salad and cocktails.

If you want to edit the parts, I made them on TinkerCAD. You can find the links below!

(P.S. That's not the camera it was printed for. The camera it was printed for was used to take the pictures. ^_^ )