Connected POV LED display: final video

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Retro Gaming POV LED display

raphael-seghierRaphael Seghier 09/19/2016 at 14:360 Comments

After 6 PCB iterations, we have finally reached a sufficient level to shoot this little video (see below)

All the data is streamed thought bluetooth from a PC to the display (reaching the right level of compression has been a challenge and we are still considering using WIFI instead of BT)

What you'll find in the video:

- more info about the PCBs

- a few demos of retro games on ouf POV LED screen (some are real games that you can actually play others are just videos that we have ported to the display)

- demos of what we call "holographic animations" (it's just a matter of finding videos that look ok on our display (resolution, colors...), If possible with a black background that will actually be displayed as transparent in the end)

- And a short demo of live streaming from a webcam that we already posted here some time ago

Please feel free to make comments, to tell us how you would like to use this display for and what features you want us to add next.

If you can code in Python and would like to develop some small games or anything else for this display, please contact us.