Space Invaders on a Spino POV LED display

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Retro Gaming POV LED display

raphael-seghierRaphael Seghier 09/26/2016 at 07:320 Comments

In this video we are testing a simple demo of space invader on Spino. As you can see the display is spherical which requires to adapt the game accordingly. Instead of using cartesian coordinates we are are using polar coordinates. The pixels, Instead of being arranged along a grid like in a normal display are arranged along concentric circles. This makes designing games much more challenging.
In this case, the test shows us that a shoot them up game is not a good fit for the display as shooting ennemies along circles is a bit awkward. We will modify this game so that the little space shuttle can go all around the circle while having to avoid obstacles which will be much more fun!

Spino is a connected POV LED display. All the data is streamed from a computer to the display through bluetooth. In the final version of the product we will use a smartphone instead of the computer. The smartphone will run the games and will also be used as a controller.