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Project to create your own pokemon go plus

SabasSabas 07/30/2016 at 15:230 Comments

The user the youtube shiitakeo a made some interesting videos , but even without free code

koshi.akutsu to translated:
I have read his blog entry.
He explain how it works. He also knows "in the current official Pokemon Go app still is not set to work with the bluetooth device",
therefore, create custom android app to link and speak to the Niantic API library.
First of all, He created Android app, but also mentioned he will create iOS app in the future . What custom app does,
connect to the device through BLE. and then send / recieve notification(found pokemon, get pokemon, current ongitude latitude, etc ) from the Pokemon Go Server back and forth.

The main function of the app is following two, it's like intermediary device and the server.