Full-Scale 3D Printed Ventilator

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progressthProgressTH 04/24/2020 at 19:130 Comments

April 25, 2020 | ProgressTH A full-sized 3D printed version of our opensource ventilator is now up on Thingiverse. We are still waiting for a 25kg-cm servo to arrive and are using a 13kg-cm servo in the video below.

There are a few additions we'll be making to this project as we test it out. 

This includes permanent support rings for the BVM instead of the adjustable supports in the current design. These are just for dialing in the final dimensions for the rings which will be different for different makes of the BVM. 

We still need to include knobs for adjusting the rate of the acutator as well as the throw which will allow for air delivered per minute and air volume to be adjusted and controlled. 

We need easy-to-open latches for the cover to allow users to quickly open it if manual use of the BVM is needed in an emergency. 

Another feature will be cladding and a handle to make it portable and to prevent anything from the environment from interfering with the system's inner workings. 

Look for updates on our blog here, on Thingiverse, or Cults3D