Entire idea of a website is to make some component following at home, or at work or somewhere else.

You create a new account, add your first collection (for example "Home collection") and you add your first categories and elements to your collection. (Inside single collection, you have all your elements, categories, products, orders, etc). You can later connect to your friends and allow them access to your collection (in case you work as a team or similar).

As each user has some unique thinking of which informations element can have, I have automate this by enabling user to add custom fields for category to set parameters to element.

By creating a new property in system, you can link it with category. When you add a new element and you choose element category, all properties assigned to selected category will be shown on element where user can write custom informations or uploads files.

Products are available in the same way as elements. You can add a new product to collection and assign group of elements this project uses. You also have to specify how many pieces of each elements products uses. This allows system to calculate how many (for example) PCBs you can solder with current inventory status.

There are orders available in system. When you define your properties and comments, you can also add new property (for example) "Farnell" and when you add new order, you can specify which property will be used for automatic search on elements you can directly order. In this example, if you make a new order and you specify "Farnell" as searching property, then all elements with "Farnell" property set will be on list for fast ordering.

I'm still working on updates and features so any new requests to improve website are welcome.

IC-Locker.com website