The challenge it addresses: Before Bluetrol life was hard on the everyday Joe. He had 5 remote control devices and still could not find the one he needs, he needed to turn the living room lights on or the temperature down he had to get up to do it, he went outside to grab something from the car oops he forgot his keys inside had to turn around to get it.

Then comes Bluetrol!

The challenge it addresses: Bluetrol helps solve all of the above problem and more. Now Joe has one remote control that pretty much take control of everything. No need to get up to turn on living room lights or adjust thermostat just point at the lights and just like magic they turn off. Left your keys inside no prob point at the car do the key turn motion and your in. Bluetrol simplify one's life by providing a one stop shop to the controllers we use on a daily basis and with the very friendly user interface it offers makes it so that anyone can use and operate it(even grandma and grandpa). It also provides a means for disabled individual to be better coordinated in their living environment.