Inbound requests from IFTTT

The IFTTT Maker channel provides a great way to automate some common flows. One thing that has always been a challenge for me was the "that:" part of the Maker Chanel. That is, how should my "Thing" receive a Web Request, if it sits behind my router. Exposing the IP/Port from the router config makes this possible, though it is a bit of advanced.

Online PubSub Services

Online publish-subscribe services come in very handy in those cases. I've chosen for this example for one and only reason - It is FREE and NO registration is required. That is you simply send an HTTP GET request to:{ID}?{COMMAND}

Where {ID} is chosen by you, and then the recipient device polls from{ID}

It is as easy as that! I was impressed by the simplicity and usefulness of this online service

Hardware for the Example

In this example I am using an ESP8266-based device that i was developing in the past few months.

In fact now it is being crowdfunded @ indegogo - vESPrino - the IoT Dongle

Of course any device can do, just you need to connect a button and a LED. And either program it to call the URLs or use the vESPrino firmware (I am now in the process of simplifying it so stay tuned if you want it ;)


  • 2. IFTTT will trigger the Sender Maker Channel who will send a call to in this form:{ID}?cmd=led_next (led_next is a command for the vESPrino firmware to cycle the LED color)


If you have a vESPrino or a device with the Firmware, it takes just a couple of minutes to have a nice example running

Step 1

Create a Maker Channel in IFTTT, and configure the "this:" like this:

Step 2

Create a Maker Channel for the "that:" direction and set it up like below. IFTTT will make sure to call this URL when the event is triggered. And will store the command "cmd=led_next". (the vESPrino firmware recognizes this command and cycles the LED color)

Step 3

Setup Wifi on both vESPrinos like this:

Step 4 - vESPrino "Button"

Configure the button of the first vESPrino to send a specific event "vESPrino_bttn", to your IFTTT channel (identified by the key)

Step 5 - vESPrino "RGB Light"

Setup the dweet id on the other vESPrino - this is where it will listen for commands

Step 6 - Action

Now connect both vESPrinos to power. Pressing the button on the first vESPrinos will cycle the LED on the second vESPrino. It takes 7-8 seconds of IFTTT to route a message between both Maker Channels (and up to several minutes for other channels). Here is how it looks like:


This is it - now you can go further and create your own DIY stuff using IFTTT and