PrimePad - OLED Keypad

Keypad with programmable OLED display buttons/keycaps. Buttons for the bigger size and keycaps for a slim keyboard addon.

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A keyboard-like accessory that will have at least 1, to many OLED displays that are also buttons. The buttons will send via USB or BT, keypresses or macros. The displays will be addressable with software, which should be as open as possible. The software should be extensible to interface with different OSes easily and applications.

OLEDs would be used since they are becoming abundant at the under 2'' x 2'' size. They also work well in the dark and have low power consumption. The only drawbacks are pricing and display life. If possible they would be somewhere around 1'' x 1'' size buttons, although a smaller keycap sized screen would also be developed if an adequate display could be sourced.

This project would be dependent on ebay/alibaba unless relationships could be made with manufacturers directly. The available buttons are too expensive (~50ea) and the comparable keypads are $1000+

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