Created a quick and dirty board layout

A project log for Inexpensive Lightweight Speech Recognition

A mostly hardware based solution suitable for micro controllers and other small systems.

thundersqueakThunderSqueak 08/22/2016 at 07:340 Comments

After looking at the wiring that needs to be done, I decided that using a veroboard would be mildly annoying. In the spirit of DIY I have decided to try etching a simple double sided PCB. I took a look at the current free software offerings both in price and "in spirit" and gave several of the PCB tools out there a quick try.

Eventually I ended up using EAGLE, it simply had the parts libraries already there. I did look at several other tools including but not limited to KiCAD, Ftritzing, and Circuitmaker. They all have their ups and downs. After the board is etched and tested, I will be uploading the PCB files used.