Atomik Controller - Version 0.81 Alpha

A project log for The Atomik Controller

Yet another Mi-Light bulb controller. This time with timers, 3rd party integration, and both RGB and CCT bulbs.

rahim-khojaRahim Khoja 08/24/2016 at 14:520 Comments

A new image file for the Atomik Controller is available for download.

Atomik Controller 0.81
Fixed WPA/WPA2 WiFi Password Length.
Fixed Scheduled Tasks Page for Dual White Bulbs.
Other Minor Fixes and Updates.
Mi-Light Emulator does not work with Android devices. (Only iOS)

Important Directories:

/var/working/atomik-controller - Contains the Git Repository. Many files linked from here.

/usr/atomik - Atomik API directory.

/usr/bin - Contains Atomik binaries ( transceiver, emulator, atomik-zone-update)

/var/atomik/scripts - Contains bash scripts for cronjobs and Atomik Controller administration.

/var/atomik/www - Contains the html for the Atomik Controller GUI.