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A project log for Portable Pi/Emulation Station

I'm trying to make a multiplayer Raspberry Pi emulation station for the purpose of having a gaming system to take camping

j0z0r pwn4tr0nj0z0r pwn4tr0n 07/30/2014 at 08:090 Comments

My screen came in finally, so now I have been working on an enclosure. I think I'm going to use a tackle box, laid out thusly:

I have a lid to a different box that I am using to protect the screen. I was going to use it for the project box, but it would be a tight fit. The old box and the screen are below, with the layout I was thinking.

The current problem I'm facing is the HDMI connection. I have to run it out from the Pi and in to the daughterboard for the screen. That daughterboard outputs to the screen with one of those ultra fragile ribbon cables, so I would like to have that board in a accessable place with the ribbon cable safely out of the way. I also have to deal with a huge connector on both ends.

The other problem is mounting the screen in general. I will prolly use hot glue to fasten it to the back of the bezel, and then maybe silcone to seal that to the lid of the tackle box.