Horray, the latest boards are in from Dirty PCB

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AKA - Cyince

Chuck GlasserChuck Glasser 08/31/2016 at 05:190 Comments

The two outstanding PCB have come in from Dirty PCB, love those guys.

Just a little advice, pay for DHL. Fast...

Here is the latest board. Not quite ready to go out.

This is a 4 - Layer PCB for an ADS1299. This is also the challenge design for DIY Space Grade PCB. Build a matching Electrode Array to this pattern.

The hexagonal pattern is a key component of the design.

You'll see it over, and over, and over again. I love the hexagon!

If your curious, here's a schematic, sans the power page, but an exact copy of the TI notes.

Keep in mind that the board has not gone to press.

In a couple of days, perhaps tomorrow I'll be happy with the circuits I have wrought and will send it off. In about 10 days the DHL guy will hand me a package. Nice!!!

... Weeks later, Dirty PCB could not deliver boards with castellated edges. Bummer. Hand to switch to a new vendor who apparently will deliver, via DHL, my amplifier boards on 10/4/2016. Oh the irony!