A project log for VederPSU

A tiny and efficient uC controlled lab power supply

riktwriktw 07/19/2016 at 19:350 Comments

i.e. how it started.

A few years ago a classmate and I started slowly working on a portable lab power supply. The initial reason was because at school we where not allowed to drag lab power supplies with us to the project rooms. We had to test in the lab, which was crowded and sometimes full, and work on all other aspects of projects in the project classrooms.

A few revisions later a mostly working prototype was realised but by then I was doing my internship and the project ended up collecting dust, both figuratively and literally. Some info on how it worked can still be found in an old old blog post on my blog:

Quickly summarised the last "old" prototype uses an NXP LPC11U37 microcontroller, a maxim ADC and DAC (MAX11613 and MAX5802 because they both have a voltage reference input) and a voltage reference (LM4040) on the microcontroller side. The actual power supply side uses am LT3083 as linear regulator, am LM2670 as switching pre-regulator and a TC74 temperature sensor. To measure the current an LT6105 was used, combined with some opamp magic for current limiting and source/sense measurement.

The last "old" prototype

The last old style prototype of the VederPSU.

As said, this worked reasonably well, apart from noise in current limit mode. I will upload all the files and relevant stuff here or on a github in case it is useful for anyone. The next project log will feature a more extensive write-up of the new hardware and software.