The magic smoke escaped

A project log for Orange PI PC Computer

My attempt at building a usable Linux computer with the €13 Orange PI PC board

Maarten JanssenMaarten Janssen 07/20/2016 at 20:380 Comments

While waiting for a new keyboard I wanted to do some work on the case. I fitted a small fan since the chips are still getting a bit hot.

One of the things that I wanted to try was to have a SD activity LED on the front. I figured I could do this by hooking up an LED to the clock pin of the SD card slot. With a little experimenting this worked fine so in all my enthusiasm I grabbed my soldering iron and started to solder some wires onto the SD card slot and 3.3v and GND test points. I used some thin single core wire that was a bit stiff and springy. This caused one of the wires to spring loose and wreak havoc on the power supply. It created a short and my board was dead.

Not wanting to give up I licked my wounds and ordered a new OPI...