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ronaldsutherlandronald.sutherland 12/16/2016 at 05:500 Comments

With the solenoid setup working it is time to initialize ICP1 and add Capture commands to the Solenoid program, which allows connecting a flow meter to the pulse capture input to see the pulse counts from the flow meter. I have an Adafruit PID:833 meter that has a small turbine and a hall sensor with an open drain output. Each pulse is about 2 milliliters. After the initialization that happens when reset occurs I see over 400 pulses went through each zone (e.g. in 1 second).

/1/flow? 1
/1/flow? 2
/1/flow? 3

The Capture program has the capture unit prescale set to the MCU clock speed, so that was what I started with for the Solenoid program. The event timing shows the prescale needs set, which will not change the counts only the event times. The status also shows both rising and falling edge was captured, and that is a wake up call... I am counting both events (opps).

/1/event? icp1,6
/1/initICP icp1,rise,3
/1/run 1
/1/stop 1
/1/run 1,1
/1/flow? 1
/1/event? icp1,31

This is good feedback, each zone has a flow count to show it is working. I have also used this meter on a previous setup and the numbers look reasonable. Some things to note. One is that as the valve is closed the time between events will cause the 16-bit timer to overflow for the most recent events (even with prescale set at MCU clock/64). Another is that I have a nasty turbulent flow going through the turbine that spins a magnet and triggers the hall sensor, so the timing has astonishingly high jitter (which indicates issues with pulse interpolation techniques).

After a rebuild and upload. Remember I'm sitting at my desk using an SSH session to the Linux box on my test bench, which is connected to an RPUftdi shield that has a CAT5 cable going out to the RPUno with an RPUadpt shield in the garden... I almost feel like I have a clue what I'm doing. But it fades fast when I find the board on my bench got the update because I forgot to tell the bus manager which device I wanted to load and thus nuked the i2c-debug program on the bench board that is used to tell the RPUftid bus manager what remote address to load. Clearly, this needs improvements.

I operate the valves manually by loading settings from the EEPROM and running them. Ten cycles of 10 Second duration spread by a 40 Second delay between cycles. The delay_start only occurs once so that I can start the watering cycles later in the day when it gets warm.

/1/load 1
/1/run 1
/1/load 2
/1/run 2
/1/load 3
/1/run 3

Wait for 10 minutes while it runs

/1/flow? 1
/1/time? 1
/1/flow? 2
/1/time? 2
/1/flow? 3
/1/time? 3

So that is about 34 Liters (9 gallons) to each zone during a 100 second period. The flow_cnt could be calibrated to figure out the flow meter K factor, but that is not a concern yet.