Improving The Robot

A project log for Zizzy: A Personal Robot Assistant

Zizzy is a personal robot prototype for people with limited mobility. It can talk, show emotions, and manipulate desktop objects.

Michael RoybalMichael Roybal 07/21/2016 at 15:450 Comments

Noise Problems
As the video reveals, the air pump is fairly loud. I am trying to find small battery operated compressors that are less noisy. If anyone knows of a good source for small and quiet air pumps, please let me know.

Power Problems
Since testing the robot I have designed some new, slightly wider muscles that are considerable stronger. Small changes in the geometry of the artificial muscles can significantly effect the power output. I may redo the arm exoskeletons to incorporate the new muscles.

Removing The Tether
For now, the artificial muscles are powered by a 1/8 inch hose tethered to an off board air pump. To make it tether-less, I am working on adding a backpack containing two small battery operated air pumps. They will to be hooked in series and mounted in a sound deadening enclosure on the back of the robot.