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Note: This log entry is a living document. I'll be updating this post to reflect the current configuration as time goes on.. There will also be a log at the end of the post noting modifications to the log, etc..

UPDATED-----> 09.28.2014

This log entry is where I will keep current information regarding the schematic, board layout and other details about the imagingBoard electronics and firmware.. I will reference this log entry in the 'details' section of the project page.. This log entry will probably change from time to time to reflect the current status of the imagingBoard. If you're interested, it might be worth a bookmark..

The function of the interfaceBoard is as follows:

Here is what the current interfaceBoard looks like..

A closer view of the board itself.

The eagle files are available on the gitHub repository..

Here is a rendering of the interfaceBoard



Here is the schematic..

The eagle files, and the firmware are located in the gitHub

The board consists of .. An ST Nucelo F401RE microcontroller, an Arudino Pro Mini, a 2.2" TFT LCD based on the ILI9341, and an MPR121 touch controller. It also has the USB FTDI for programming the arudino from the raspberryPi.

Keep an eye out, since there will be updates here...!


09.28.2014 - Added living document info

10.15.2014 - Added new schematics and board renderings