Hurray!!! Catastrophic Failure!!!

A project log for Simple Universal Motor Speed Controller

The goal of this project is to build a simple universal motor PID speed controller using a minimum number of components

rhysRhys 06/13/2014 at 18:470 Comments

While doing some testing (well, more like probing with a loose wire....), I successfully achieved catastrophic melt your retina high voltage electrical arcing failure!  I'll post a picture momentarily of the post short circuit PCB.  This is why you never probe high voltage circuits unless you are insulated from said high voltage.  Good thing I had the atMega out of it's socket at the time.....  Well, on to revision two.  I think I am going to revise the design to use a MOC2021 opto-triac trigger as I'm not having any success triggering the triac directly from the atMega, datasheet be damned.  I may even decide to throw in an H11AA1 for zero cross detection simply to reduce the code complexity a smidge.  The H11AA1 will give me an interrupt at each zero cross instead of every other one.  Still researching :)