ATmega328P with Arduino™ UNO bootloader, SD card, Real Time Clock DS3231, and plug for NRF24L01. This small PCB its the perfect module for logging, reporting and control your Things.

Arduino™ libraries, makes it simple to connect your relays, temperature sensors or any other device you need, on the U2 module. Just place it on a breadboard, connect your external devices, and upload your sketch.

Using the NRF24L01 you can remotely control your U2 module and/or send your data to another Arduino™ with NRF24L01.

You can also use the U2 module as a logger by using the SD card and the Clock. Then transmit the data with the NRF24L01.

Small PCB 4 x 4 cm (1.57 x 1.57 inch).

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