*edit -- the video above was done in a rush and the transformer I was using wasn't in view; the mot' spot welders are just coincidental*


*arc discharge reactor number 2, different transformer etc.


Electrolysis is a spin off from the original purpose, but a quasi-cool use for the device.


This build is not for you, if you;
/Are lacking in common sense/
/Have never used or built any high voltage equipment/
/If you think you might be up for the darwin awards/

This documentation is purely for educational purposes.
Don't try to replicate this build; as there is a high risk of death.
I am not liable for any of your decisions.

// requirements//

  • old - 90amp capable arc or mig welder/Roughly 10 ohms resistance on primary winding after teardown.
  • multimeter (if you want to know the operating voltage, ie. amp rating/ohms=v)
  • some experience with electrical work
  • Standard philips + flathead screw drivers.
  • 6v (super heavy duty) batteries -- not lithium -- it must contain carbon electrodes
  • jigsaw
  • adjustable spanner
  • UV resistant helm
  • welding gloves
  • tin snips?

//requirements 2.0//

  • 1cm thick springs, long and wide enough in the middle to hold carbon, platinum, etc. electrodes
  • bench vice
  • 8-10awg wire (500cm)
  • steel sheet metal (about 500cm)
  • high grit sandpaper

How it works:

The carbon electrodes oscillate under high amperage', and arc out carbon nano-tubes under hot plasma.
There are several ways to create carbon nano-tubes; including Chemical Vapor Deposition, and Arc Discharge.
The Arc Discharge method seemed like the more scalable option at the time of the build.
This build was done in less than four hours and improvements can obviously be made.

How to build:

/put 6v 'super heavy duty' battery in vice

/use jigsaw to cut through the metal casing and the top of the electrode' capsule

/gently extract carbon electrode using pliers

/unscrew old arc/mig welder case, separating each crimped plug from the transformer body; except the ground lead, and the welder feeder lead

/Unbolt the transformer from the base.

/Using tin snips, cut through the front plate and loosen both the feeder lead, and the ground lead, and the power cable

/remove the outer plastic casings of the leads until all that is left is the single wires connected to the body of the transformer

/bolt the grounded terminal of the power lead to the transformer and connect the hot wire to one of the two pronged terminals coming out of a small white case (which goes directly into the primary winding of the transformer).

/connect the neutral wire to the secondary winding, and the left of wire from the secondary winding into the left over terminal coming out of the small white case.

How to build Arc Discharge Reactor 2 /w catalyst:

skip this part for the slightly more dangerous version

/strip the welder and wire accordingly to the previous paragraph, so that it's just the ac transformer with two extruding primary windings.

/sand down four pieces of square steel metal sheeting (2x2 inch)

/cut off 1 inch of the heat insulating coating covering the extruding metal coming from both of the primary winding terminals.

/loosely crimp two separate metal squares using the bench vice to the ends of the terminals that were just stripped of heat insulation.

/make sure to leave a small 1 inch gap in the crimped pieces of metal on both terminals, to fit the 8-10awg copper wire.

/slide in the 8-10awg copper wire and crimp down with the vice til the wire and metal terminal extruding from the transformer is firmly in place; do this for both primary terminals.

/extend one hook on each of the two springs, into straight lines; crimp hook within metal square, with the opposing end of the 8-10awg wire; repeat for both terminals.

/use propane torch and pliers to melt and work the springs into shapely catalysts


Put ground lead and feeder lead in the vice and put two carbon electrodes between the two.

Turn on the power. If the transformer buzzes or the...

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