I've wanted to make ix86 computer from parts for long time and when I encounter 8086, I always got it if the price is not so high..

As in above picture, I got 8086s (and 8087) by bon-marché but 8086 is not micro-controller but real CPU which can organise "Personal Computer" and lots of companion chip should be prepared just for fundamental test (for example, clock generator 8284.....)

Googling information about these ancient CPU, I got to know the existence of 80186 and 80188 which contains peripheral chip in one, something more embedded system oriented one.

I know the circuit and I/O mapping in memory space so automatically one schematic is completed. It consists of 80188, 8251 for serial interface, 8255 for parallel interface (something like I want to use it as GPIO) and 32kB SRAM and 16kB EP-ROM, indeed all peripherals are 8-bit component but 80188 has 8-bit external bus and its hardware behaviour is almost 8-bit CPU, good starting point for me?

Here is the completed circuit. At this moment, it is, but

No software (firmware), nothing to show.

I believe my circuit has no error but actually I don't know how to make its firmware (fundamental software like a monitor program).

Please let me know (and teach me) how to make or if you know some good resources.