Triggy Hub Android application

A project log for Triggy - Sensor Node for Life Automation

A smart sensor Node to trigger an action on a smartphone each time a physical change is detected (temperature, displacement, click...)

VinchVinch 12/15/2017 at 15:080 Comments

I've been working on the Android app for a long time now, as the workload to embed all the features I wanted is quite heavy for a software team of ... 1 guy.

Finally, I believe that today the app development reached a step where it is decently functional (even if a lot more testing is required) and it is graphically quite satisfying to me.

Let's summarize what can be done with this app:

   1.  Find and list all nearby Triggy Nodes. Some information about the status of each node is provided on the main screen: device name, RSSI/proximity, temperature, displacement status. Below a screenshot with 3 Nodes already configured:

Main screen    a) Searching Nodes    b) 3 Nodes found

    2.  Each Node can be accessed more deeply by clicking on the right arrow. This brings the Node connection screen where several control and status are available:

Connection screen, movement log shown

   3.  Node Configuration screen allows to adjust some parameters of the Node:

Node configuration screen

   4.  Back to the Main screen, clicking the app icon brings the Rules List pane. This provides information about currently created rules. Recall that rules allows to trig actions from the sensors state change. Each rule can be deleted, enabled/disabled or modified. Also when clicking on a rule, a summary of what it does is provided.

Rules list and rule summary

    5. The Rule Builder is where a new rule can be created or existing rules can be modified. Building a rule is done in 5 steps:

Depending on the trigger and the action chosen, more parameters can be adjusted (thresholds, options ...)

Below the snapshots for the different steps.

    6.  The App Menu allows to configure the main parameters such as IFTTT and email accounts, options and so on ... This part still needs to be finalized.

Most of the triggers and actions are functional. I've already created many rules to be used in real situations, so I can say that is works! This version can be considered as an alpha, a significant amount of development is still required for a release, but at least, I can used it for alpha testing.

Major missing functionalities: