I2C and RTC: done

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Similar to a bicycle computer but hackable, including different sensors and potentially connecting to and Android device via bluetooth

Matias N.Matias N. 08/07/2016 at 15:520 Comments

So, I've developed the required RTC and I2C support for teensy 3.x into NuttX while waiting for the OLED.

The I2C code is always complicated to get right (I haven't managed to test it yet). Luckily the RTC is relatively simple and that is already working quite well (I would only need to finish the test using an actual 3v battery). At least the time survives across reboots when keeping teensy powered via USB.

On the other hand, the good news is that the OLED just arrived at the post office. The bad news, is that it is the wrong post office (FAIL), so it will require public transportation and leaving my bike for a day =(

Well, I hope that I'm not very far with having the teensy draw some stuff on the screen (to display the time would be great). After that, I guess I will start playing with GUI designs. That way I can at least put up some pictures/videos and stop the boring text-only logs.

So, if that goes well, I will most likely buy the remaining components to achieve v1.0 which would include battery+charger circuit+odometer (via hall sensor).

Which, now that I'm thinking, will require adding ADC support to teensy on NuttX. Oh well, at least others will benefit from it when I contribute it back into NuttX.