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An open & automated countertop aeroponic factory for herbs and other edible small plants

Ben NortierBen Nortier 07/28/2016 at 07:050 Comments

I came back to the office this morning to some unhappy plants:

They obviously didn't get enough moisture during the night. I can see from looking at the log from the Pi that the humidity was reported as pretty much constant so no misting was done, which is bad:

What you're seeing here is the humidity reported by the DHT22 & the last 3 readings. I'm using an average because I've seem some spurious outlying numbers reported (going from 90%+ to 43% on within seconds), and the correct way to handle this is to discard those number and use an estimate instead, but that code doesn't exist yet.

I also suspect that the root systems of the plants are simply not developed enough to absorb sufficient moisture from the mist since they developed in soil, and I should start with seedlings instead.

Next steps:

  1. Build better logging so I can see what's going on, also when I'm away form the office (i.e. a small web thing)
  2. Increase the humidity thresholds for misting or go to a timer-based algorithm and ignore humidity altogether
  3. Use some of the ports for seedlings