• Finished project :^)

    shawn.deol08/05/2016 at 03:06 0 comments

    Finished the project, PM for details or help. I'm still trying to figure out how Hackaday works.

    In summary

    Analog sticks aren't properly calibrated, need to find a reliable way to reprogram the Arduino Pro Micro using the pi.

    The case is slightly too small for all the components and the Lip & Groove fastening didn't work well b/c the ABS body warped.

    The Delrin front panel got separated when being laser cut so it's in 2 pieces. Also needed super glue underneath.

    The VERY low layer height interfered with using undersized 3d printed mounting bosses as the holes were too perfect so some superglue was necessary.

    The bumpers were VERY difficult to design and get right, kind of free standing.

    The battery indicator turns off when below 25% battery life. It is literally the battery indicator from the BMS but resoldered to a through-hole mounted LED that was mounted to the front panel. Fun benefit is that it blinks while charging :^))))

    Plans included adding USB and permanent WIFI dongle to the 2 empty USB ports as can be seen in the large opening .Probably won't go through with it b/c the thing isn't THAT functional....Planning on making an entirely 3d printed version that has a modular battery system.

    All in all a very fun learning process.

  • new grey ABS front plate

    shawn.deol07/26/2016 at 17:02 0 comments

    Created new front plate cover that allows the screen to snap into place and sit flush with the back plate. Also it now resembles a game gear with curved sides!