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Plasma Cutter + CNC Table + Auto Load/Unload = Tool to build other projects faster

willbadenwillbaden 04/19/2020 at 13:220 Comments

It is always nice to see someone build a project, but I would like to see what kinds of projects come of those builds.  So to keep with that theme, here is another example of what this plasma table has been used for:

Meshing Fusion with this plasma table is definitely worth doing.  Previously, I had been using CamBam, which is a great software, but was limiting in that it would be time consuming to put together 3D sheet metal projects.

With Fusion, I can do things like this house and the fighter jet I had done prior at a faster pace. . . faster used loosely for someone who has other time commitments. . . as I just cleaned up a kiddos spilled milk . . . 

Things that I am seeing would be nice:

1. Torch height control - I haven't experienced one, but I gather from what other people have shown on the internet, one would be nice.  You can see glimpses in the above video of me reaching down to bring up the torch.  If the torch is left to drag on the sheet metal, the arc will extinguish.  The last cut in the video, before the pan across the completed cuts (time 0:41), was due to a restart required on that piece.  The torch drug across the material and went out.  Once it goes out, it doesn't re-fire until the torch fire signal is released and re triggered. 

2. Water Table - plasma cutting gets smoky.  A home built filtration setup is used.  Built from an old blower fan from a house furnace with a filter that my work was throwing away.  It works, but the particles kicked up by the cutter doesn't allow the filter to keep up.  Along with better air quality, it would be nice to have something cool the parts being cut to prevent as much warping.  

I have a few more projects that I would like to utilize the plasma table with and will plan to post those as they get completed.