Reverse Engineer a PALCE22V10

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Leap Electronics WICE-4M EPROM Emulator Reverse Engineered

forthnutterforthnutter 05/20/2019 at 13:081 Comment

Number of ways to Reverse Engineer a PALCE22V10.

Decided to remove the PAL from PCB and put on my "Electronics Explorer" from Digilent.

Wired in some level shifters so I can run and drive the PAL inputs at 5V.

The 10 output pins wired to lower 10 bits of EE Digital ports and 12 bit of the rest of EE Digital ports go to the inputs of PAL.

So now I can toggle each input and read the output to see what does what.


forthnutter wrote 06/15/2019 at 13:47 point

Oops had to re-arrange the level shifter A side needs to go to the low voltage and B high voltage side.

A 3.3V to logic analyser side.

B 5V to the test subject.

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