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Leap Electronics WICE-4M EPROM Emulator Reverse Engineered

forthnutterforthnutter 05/29/2017 at 13:590 Comments

Decided to do a test run to see if the DIL Plugs work and to see if WICE-4M is still working.

First plugged WICE-4M into my Applix 1616 .

Handy box to sit WICE-4M.

Run an old PC with Parallel port, did want to remove XP so used a Megabuild of Dropbox.

Fired up WICE-4M, started up Dropbox, started up wice-4m software in Dropbox and it all worked.

Loaded memory with Applix 1616 OS ROM. Port A has even address and Port B has odd address send to WICE, Turned on the Applix 1616 and BOOM it started.

Now on to the next stage !!!