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A project log for Raspberry Pi Checklist

Digital, portable, open source, and simple checklist for every day carry. Replace apps and paper for good.

dustinDustin 07/22/2020 at 14:340 Comments

When something keeps coming to mind, especially after years, it means I just need to do it. This project would have made my life so much more organized, but I didn't have the skills to make it when I really needed it. Now I've got most of the skills, but lack the time and funds. Soon though. I want to keep this as a stand alone device, instead of trying it to a smartphone for base functions, like checklist management. I've completed my first real Python project already, and am well into my first big Arduino project. Both are teaching me the hardware and software skills I need to finally complete this project. The best part is that the available hardware is far better now than when I started this in 2016. I think a Raspberry Pi Zero W is in order. I've also got 2 IBM Model M keyboards to work with. One will have a small PC built into it and be turned into a mobile development kit for all kinds of fun things. I just had the idea to dock the checklist directly into the keyboard PC for transferring data, and set up some auto synching features and charging. I could even dock the device and use the Model M keyboard to create and edit the lists on the device. Tons of options, still a little beyond my reach with my current programming level. I'll assemble the hardware as soon as I can and that will make it easy to really get started on this. As much as I don't like monetizing things, I suspect I will build and sell these if people are interested. I hate the 9-5 world and want to do something useful with my time. I'd still have an open source version for anyone to make though. I'm very excited to start on this. I think I'll pick up the raspberry pi soon...