Possible Feature: Wireless Sync

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dustinDustin 04/19/2022 at 21:190 Comments

Despite my insistance on managing feature creep, I think this particular feature could be incredibly beneficial. The hardware is in place, and it could be implemented in software after the initial prototypes are useable. The idea is to have a unit be able to sync changes to a server over either USB, wifi, or Bluetooth, when a server connection is available. Modifying list items and lists is a core feature on the device itself, but there will be times where a copy and paste from another device would be ideal.

A secondary function of such a sync system, the one that got me thinking about this in the first place, is to have multiple devices sync lists in real time, enabling cooperative work on large scale projects. One person could complete a task, mark it done, then the change would be synced and duplicated on all other devices. This would help avoid duplicate work and wasted time trying to determine if a task has been completed.

With so many big projects coming up, as well as the complex nature of the systems I work on at my new job, the Raspberry Checklist project is going to become a priority very soon. More updates soon.