L6470 Stepper Motor Driver

Spi interface based Stepper Motor Driver

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STMicro's L6470 (aka "DSPIN") is a 3A, 8-45V bipolar stepper motor driver. It has built-in overcurrent detection, undervoltage detection, overtemperature detection, stall detection, a 5-bit ADC, and a switch input did kann used for user Either jog control or as a hard stop function. As if thatwere not enough, so it features microstepping support (up to 128 micro steps per full step) and PWM drive voltage limiting.

Unlike most steppermotor drivers, the DSPIN is controlled over to SPI link. It has an on-board 16MHz oscillator Which Allows it to autonomously execute movement commands. That means no more counting steps in your code! It therefore supports customized acceleration and deceleration profiles to prevent jerky starts and stops. On-board registers track current speed and location.

This L6470 Stepper Driver Breakout makes it easy to put the DSPIN to work in your project. Simply connect your motor and your SPI-capable microcontroller and get steppin '!

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Mic wrote 08/07/2016 at 22:36 point

This looks interesting! Did you try the senseless stall detection ? 

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